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Amanda Mills Woodlee is a mediocre guitar player, “the best substitute teacher ever” (according to students she totally didn’t bribe with candy), and the worst at turning in her library books on time. She loves languages and speaks English, Spanish, French, and GIF. Travel and snacks are essential to her writing process.

She is currently working on a series of short stories and her first novel (apart from the Sailor Moon fanfic she wrote in 7th grade). Amanda and her husband Ryan live in eastern Oregon with their dog (Bowie) and four hens (Hei-Hei, Ursula, Yzma, and Kevin), who all run when she tries to hug them.

You can follow her on Amazon at Amanda Mills Woodlee to get notified when she releases new works. And follow her on Facebook for writing updates, the occasional meme, and to ask her what color your birthday is.


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