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Amanda Mills Woodlee is a writer who just can’t help herself (no, seriously, she needs help). Story ideas just come to her unbeckoned, and she does her best to find a home for each one. Sometimes they’re true, sometimes they’re as fictional as a Hollywood marriage.

She has nearly flawless grammar and spelling, although online she uses the slang to be like those kewl kids. (Am I doing this right, McKenna?)

When she’s not creating worlds and forcing made-up people to make out, Amanda gets a kick out of gardening, knitting, crocheting, pretending these things are still useful, starting things she doesn’t fin–

Ha! Got you. But truly, writing is one of the few constants in Amanda’s life, and for it she makes many sacrifices to the muses. These sacrifices can be painful, like writing this Bio for example.

Amanda lives in the dusty half of Oregon that no one speaks of. With her as always are her trusty husband, Ryan, and lazy mutt, Ohana. Together they’re always looking for some place greener.

Also, she really wants that croissant in the stock photo…


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